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Our company was founded in Vignola, in the heart of the Motor Valley, in September 2000. The initial goal was to meet Ferrari’s request to make wiring harnesses for historic and discontinued cars. Accumulated experience and collaborations opened over the years have enabled us to expand the services we offer.

Today TecnoCable works in synergy with major companies that develop motorsports products. Know-how, attention to detail and selection of the best available components are the hallmarks of the wiring harnesses we make for customers who rely on our services.

We develop and produce complete systems, prototypes or series for the most prestigious competitions and car and motor manufacturers, as well as wiring harnesses for ultralight aircraft. Our customers need reliable, high-performance solutions-we provide them with tailored products designed and manufactured to help them achieve their goals.

We carry out every stage of processing in-house, starting with the study of the customer’s needs, which results in the design of the plant. Development is followed by implementation, carried out through high-quality components and experience gained from 20 years of working with top international teams. Testing concludes the cycle of activities for project delivery.

Thanks to a quality control system developed and defined in every step and process checks, all our work is guaranteed by ISO 9001 certification, among the most famous and universally recognized. In this way we can further ensure and improve the quality of our products and, no less important, your satisfaction.


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