Light Aircraft

The development of wiring and systems for light aircraft requires specific skills that go beyond typical motorsport applications. In TecnoCable we have accumulated a lot of experience supporting customers with the supply of customized solutions for aircraft and helicopters.

Special systems for light aircraft

The key to success in creating high-efficiency solutions for light aircraft is the totally internal management of each phase of the project. Our team includes specialized technicians who have accumulated experience supporting international customers with very specific needs for the systems of their aircraft.

Over the years we have created important collaborations with the main manufacturers of control units and components for wiring. In this way we can create complete systems using the best products available on the market, which guarantee high performance and maximum durability in any conditions of use.

How we realize the projects

Here’s how we make our systems for light aircrafts:

Improve your performance with our solutions

The solutions we offer are developed and built according to your specific needs. Contact us to find out how we can help you to improve your performance!

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